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Thu 19 Oct 2017

Nottingham Area Walks
Newstead - Annesley - Hucknall evening walk 22/05/2013

The second of our Nottinghamshire Evening Railway Walks took place on 22nd May 2013, when 13 members met at Newstead Station most having detrained from the 16.55 from Nottingham. With the aid of maps and photographs they began following the Midland line north past the remains of Newstead Colliery to the site of Annesley (Midland) closed in 1953, then turning right climbed the massive spoil-heaps which now cover the entire GN/GC complex of Annesley yards. From this vantage point northwards the re-opened Midland Robin Hood line and the buried Annesley tunnel route could be traced and also the location of Hollinwell and Annesley station. Descending to the site of Newstead (East) the GN line south was followed, pausing at the ornate bridge over the driveway to Newstead Abbey; incredibly the site of Annesley shed is beneath the spoil heap here. The Midland and Great Northern routes are very close approaching Linby with the Great Central crossing. Now the GN is built over they took the GC route, a short stretch of footpath to Wighay bridge in Hucknall followed by some street-walking close to the GN route to Hucknall Station just in time for the 20.10 - only to find it cancelled! Luckily the Tram was available. Once again thanks are due to our local member Tom Gilby for planning, on the day guiding, interesting maps and notes provided for this walk. The actual route taken can be seen at EveryTrail.

BLS Newstead - Hucknall at EveryTrail
(click here for EveryTrail website)

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