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Thu 19 Oct 2017
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Middleton Railway 09/06/2013

Twenty members enjoyed an extremely comprehensive repeat visit to the Middleton Railway on Sunday 9th June 2013, courtesy of our host Ian Dobson. Using the ex-BR 1950 built Baguley Drewry Railcar 998901 "Oliv" as our riding vehicle, the private charter loaded on the cark park spur and, after a short safety briefing, explored the Moor Road shed area to clear all available lines, including running beyond the shed doors on one road of the museum building. As you would expect from the excellent team at Middleton, both the Balm Lane branch (and corresponding run round loop) was completed in full along with the standard run to Park Halt, where we ran to the end of the line before completing the run round loop there. To conclude we explored the long siding at Moor Road station before terminating at the coal loading stage, being the rear of the platform. As an "on the day" bonus, we were then able to enjoy a service train trip to Park Halt and return using steam power in the form of Y7 1310 hauling converted SR PMV coaches 1867 and 2084, the loco being suitably adorned with the new Society headboard. Many thanks are due to Ian Dobson for facilitating the visit and driving Oliv, Bert Ellery for the souvenir tickets, Peter Scott and Martyn Brailsford for the cartography and Steve Best of for permission to reproduce his Middleton Railway stocklist.


Middleton Colliery Railway

Middleton Map Completed

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